Our rich history started in 1942, with laundry bars made in a simple home industry. In the midst of World War II and a rising need for laundry solution that would remain affordable in an economically struggling community, our founder, Mr. Sewu Gunawan, created an innovation: the cream detergent.

This new format of laundry detergent rapidly became a hit in Indonesia. Since then, we have grown tremendously in size and knowledge, in Indonesia as well as beyond. A favorite metaphor of our journey is when our current second-generation CEO, Mr. Eka Leonard Gunawan, visualized us as a coconut tree; chosen due to its versatility, a coconut tree is useful all the way from the depth of its roots to the tip of its leaves – such is its value, it is commonly referred to as the “tree of life”.


The coconut tree is unique in that every part of it, from the depth of its roots to the tip of its leaves, are useful for humans. We hope to be just as purposeful. Our tree is still far from peak height. We will continue to grow and improve ourselves, so that we can bear more fruits and serve you better.