Started the business in laundry soap, PT. Sinar Antjol formally established in 1942. Our journey started from one product a laundry bar in a home industry environment. In line with the development of time, the need of Indonesia public for high quality detergent with competitive price is becoming bigger. This change is well anticipated by our company as proven by the innovation of the first cream detergent in Indonesia in the 1970’s. Since then our company grown to become a recognized global company in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Our diverse products can be divided into 4 categories: Soap, Detergent, Personal Care, and Household. Among our well-known brands is B29 Detergent, WOW, Intense Shampoo, Sehat Soap, Kris Perfume, MediSoft, Glaze, Silver, Citrus, Ayu.

Sinar Antjol is known as the providers of best brands and variety of cleaner, household and cosmetic products at the best competitive price. These products include toilet soap, laundry bar , floor cleaner, liquid hand soaps, dish washer, cream, powder detergent, shampoo, hand body lotion, feminine hygiene, body mist and many others. Indeed our journey has just begun. We will continue to develop and promote the company in line with the development of the Indonesian market and the world (especially in developing countries) by continuing to produce the best high quality cleaners and detergents at reasonable price.

Now, with more than 80 items of cleaners and detergent products and factories capable of producing hundreds thousand tons of cleaners products for local as well ass international market, PT Sinar Antjol has become one of major player in the consumer products industry in Asia. With more than 100 distributors spread out in almost all provinces of Indonesia, the Company is firmly positioned to serve Indonesian market. From street vendors to big supermarkets, our customer has access to various PT. Sinar Antjol products all over Indonesia. In addition to the Indonesian market, PT. Sinar Antjol is also actively stretching its network all over the world. Currently, PT. Sinar Antjol exports its various cleaners and soap products to more than 120 countries in 4 continents (Asia, Africa, Arab, America Latin).

PT. Sinar Antjol which has been operating since 1942, is now becoming the largest and most sophisticated factories in Indonesia. We have 3 Factory in Indonesia (Plant Tangerang, Plant Pluit, & Plant Lodan), 2 Plant in Africa (Plant Ghana & Plant Ethiophia), 1 Plant in China. Now we already to build our new Factory in Subang, Indonesia. All of the factories use the largest computerized machines from Europe. We are developing our company to be PEACE GROUP and have 2 sister company that is PT. Peace Industrial Packaging (Handle our packaging) and PT. Peace Global Success (Our Distributor).